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You must be able to recognize the sort of roaches you have in your house or place of business if you want to acquire effective cockroach control and finally extermination. The experts at will be able to offer the best treatment and removal with the use of this knowledge. In North Carolina, the top four cockroach species are:

  • Smoky Brown
  • Wood
  • American
  • German

The first step in roach management is to determine what kind of bugs you have. For instance, smoky brown cockroaches are nearly black in color and roughly the size of a thumb. It’s important to identify the precise type of these pests so you can get the greatest picture of what they consume and where they are most likely to be located. This can help with complete prevention, which is the ideal approach to dealing with pesky roaches.


Since roaches are normally nocturnal, the ideal time to consult a specialist is if you start noticing them during the day. If they are emerging during the day, the issue can be overly significant. Get rid of clutter as much as possible to eliminate cockroach hiding places. This will help you gauge the severity of the problem. To prevent pests from hiding in the walls, we can use a variety of traps and seal any gaps. Roaches are carriers of a variety of health issues, so get rid of them right away from your house.