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Serving Fayetteville, Lumberton,
Pinehurst and Surrounding Areas
Serving Fayetteville, Lumberton,
Pinehurst and Surrounding Areas

Effective Termite Treatment & Removal Service Near Fayetteville

Termites are small insects that are most well-known for chewing wood, and their presence requires prompt extermination to keep your home safe. Canady’s Termite & Pest Control in Fayetteville can send an exterminator to your home or company for termite removal. Termite treatment is necessary so that the structural integrity of your building is kept intact. Before doing that, we will need to perform a thorough termite inspection to determine the extent of the infestation. We pride ourselves in offering more comprehensive pest control than similar companies, so contact us to get rid of your pests.

We Inspect Your Home for Infestations

Drywood, Subterranean and Dampwood termites are most prevalent in North Carolina, and there are various ways to tell if they are in your home. Damage to wood is certainly one sign, but you may also notice wings on your windowsill that indicate the presence of flying termites. If you see coarse grains of sand anywhere on your property, then you know these wood destroying insects have gotten into your building.
There are various methods of getting rid of termites before they even have a chance of infiltrating your home. You can cut off any sources of water by repairing a leaky water pipe, keeping your gutters clean or eliminating standing water on your roof. You can also eliminate their food sources. This can be accomplished by removing stumps and lumber from the premises.

Also Serving the Pinehurst & Lumberton Areas

Some other types of termites you might see in your home include Eastern subterranean termites and West Indian powderpost termites. We offer a $100,000 termite damage warranty to all customers, and we only use the best termite removal products like Termidor in Fayetteville, Pinehurst and Lumberton. To get started on removing these pests from your property, give us a call at 910-843-3118. We can also help you with termite soil treatment.

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