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Serving Fayetteville, Lumberton,
Pinehurst and Surrounding Areas
Serving Fayetteville, Lumberton,
Pinehurst and Surrounding Areas

Effective Roach Control Near Fayetteville

If you want to get efficient cockroach control and eventually extermination, then you need to be able to identify the type of roaches you have in your home or business. Acquiring this information will allow the professionals at Canady’s Termite & Pest Control in Fayetteville to provide the best treatment and removal. The four most common cockroaches found in North Carolina are:
  • Smoky Brown
  • Wood
  • American
  • German
Roach control begins with identifying the type of pests you have. For example, smoky brown cockroaches are about as large as a thumb, and they are virtually black in color. Getting rid of these pests requires recognizing the exact type, so you have the best idea of what they eat and where they are likely to be found. This can assist with total prevention, which is the preferred way to deal with troublesome roaches.

Prevention and Removal of Cockroaches

The best time to call a specialist is if you start seeing roaches during the day because they are typically nocturnal. If they are coming out in the day, then that means the problem could be excessively large. It is ideal to get rid of clutter so cockroaches do not have anywhere to hide. This will assist you with determining the extent of the issue. Various traps can be utilized, and we can fill in cracks to stop the pests from hiding in the walls. Roaches are hosts to numerous health problems, so eliminate them from your property immediately.

Also Serving Lumberton & Pinehurst

In addition to roach extermination, we can also help you with rodent and bed bug control. If you start noticing roaches in your home or business in Fayetteville, Pinehurst or Lumberton, then you need to call us immediately at 910-843-3118. Bugs Buggin’ You? We Send Them Packin’!

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